Friday, September 10, 2010

Autumn at Last!

I love Fall! I love the food; the squash, the apples, the pork, the cinnamon. I love the weather; the cool mornings to wake me up, the warm days to be outside, and the cool evenings perfect for campfires. I love the holidays. Halloween and Thanksgiving are such fun without the anxiety and commercialism of Christmas. I love the colors. We camped in Pisgah last weekend and saw the first hints of the beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows to come.

This fall we have lots of plans. A yard sale, a trip to the zoo, and a BBQ top the list. There are also summer annuals to till under or feed to the chickens and fall crops to put in. This spring's lambs are ready for processing and it's just about time to brew another batch of beer.

So, swing on by any time and see what's going on this Autumn on Silver Creek.


  1. Our leaves are turning--are yours?

  2. Just barely getting started. Still hitting 90 in the daytime but getting down in the 50s at night.