Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chicks - Three Weeks Old

Chicks are a Hand Full

Three Days

Three Weeks

The Chicks are three weeks old and have doubled in size. Notice the striped wing feathers coming in. They have graduated from the kitchen to the basement- thank goodness. Three more weeks and they can go outside.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


What is a farm without a fence?

We have assembled materials and are beginning to put up the locust corner posts for the fence that will surround our four acres of pasture. We have decided on high tensile electric to keep our livestock in, and just as importantly, to keep predators out. It is lots of work but should last for years.

Walt and Wendy graciously allowed us to cut locust on their property in Fairview. Walt and Wendy, along with their son Andy, market delicious jams and jellies that they make from berries grown on their farm, Imladris. They have really inspired us in our persuit of a sustainable life style. Visit their web page at:

Thanks guys!

The posts are burried over three feet deep and tamped firm. One corner is done!
Thanks Dad!

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Sheep Are Here

Catadin Sheep Shed - No Sheering Necessary
We purchased 4 grade Katahdin sheep from Nick Nicholas in Fairview NC. Nick has almost a hundred sheep and markets lamb and eggs at the Asheville Tailgate market among others. I wish I had pictures of the sheep dogs in action but it was rainy and getting dark so you will have to take my word that they were beautiful, intelligent and very well trained.

The sheep are biding their time in the pallet corral until we get the pasture fenced. The corral will be transformed into a pig pen later in the spring and a vegetable garden next year so they are providing some priceless fertilizer also.

We obtained the pallets from an obliging apartment complex under renovation. It was not a dark-of-night operation. There were hundreds and the manager of the complex had placed an add on Craigslist asking for someone to take them away and put them to use.
Free materials kept out of the landfill? Yes, please!

Nothing Says "Spring" like Baby Chicks

Baby Chicks

We ordered 25 Plymouth (Barred) Rocks from Shook Poultry in Clairmont NC. They are only days old and require a heat lamp. They are growing very quickly! I will need to assemble a larger brooder soon to ease the crowding and move them out of the kitchen. The eggs will be plentiful this fall!