Monday, February 23, 2009

Whippoorville Farms carries Silver Creek Family Farm Eggs!

You can now order
Silver Creek Family Farm Eggs through Whipporville Farms.

Place your order at:

While you are there check out Whippoorville's outstanding organic seasonal produce selections!

Pick up your order between 10am-12pm or 2pm-5pm in the Union Plaza building (Lower Level - Suite 101) in downtown Hickory.

Orders received by Tuesday (2:00 pm) will be available on Wednesday
Orders received after Tuesday (2:00 pm) will be available on Friday

Whippoorville Farms is a small organic produce farm located in Hickory, North Carolina. Whippoorville encompasses 22 acres in the Mountain View area. Whippoorville utilizes two small garden plots that, combined, total approximately one half acre. They have also started a small fruit orchard which has Thompson and Concord grapes that were rooted from the family's 50 year old vines. Whippoorville has been growing produce since 2000 and have been selling at local Farmer's Markets and on the web since 2007."