Sunday, August 29, 2010

Picked up a used Vermont Castings Resolute off of Craigslist. The Fisher Baby Bear perfect for our old Charlotte house, but was just a little too small for Morganton. Soon after getting it home the power company took down a 40 inch red oak at the neighbor's house. He was kind enough to give us all the wood in exchange for getting it out of his front yard! The main trunk section was split with a little help from a black powder charge. We figure we got close to 8 cords out of this massive 80 year old oak, but that will be for a winter several years down the road. This years and next years supply is already put up in the wood shed (it holds 8 cords)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

In the Kitchen

We've gotten lots of different things off the farm this year. Here is just a few examples of the more interesting things we've done.

Garden produce



Bamboo shoots

Goat curry with bamboo shoots

Home Brew

Siphoning into the bottling bucket

This was a Pilsner. Pretty good. Some were more carbonated than others because I failed to mix the priming sugar in well. Otherwise a big success. At about 70c a bottle it was a pretty good deal too.