Sunday, August 29, 2010

Picked up a used Vermont Castings Resolute off of Craigslist. The Fisher Baby Bear perfect for our old Charlotte house, but was just a little too small for Morganton. Soon after getting it home the power company took down a 40 inch red oak at the neighbor's house. He was kind enough to give us all the wood in exchange for getting it out of his front yard! The main trunk section was split with a little help from a black powder charge. We figure we got close to 8 cords out of this massive 80 year old oak, but that will be for a winter several years down the road. This years and next years supply is already put up in the wood shed (it holds 8 cords)


  1. Did you happen to buy this off the Charlotte Craigslist?
    We were searching for a woodstove and there was one just like this on CL for very little $$$ but it had already been sold.

    We ended up getting a new one from Lowes,need it installed in place of our little Boxwood we have there currently.

  2. Yes we did. It was a good deal. It has taken me a little time to get use to it. It's a bit more finicky than the Fisher was. It has a thermostat and loads from the top but it has a bigger wood box and burns through the night really nicely.

  3. Just bought a used Vermont Castings wood burning stove. I do not know the model, but it has 1979 cast on the inside back wall. Can anyone tell me what the panels in the bottom of the stove are for? There are 5 of them and they look like they were intended for placement of firebricks. Also where can I find an instruction manuel. Not sure what all the bells and whistles are for or if all internal parts are present.