Monday, May 5, 2008

The Sheep Are Here

Catadin Sheep Shed - No Sheering Necessary
We purchased 4 grade Katahdin sheep from Nick Nicholas in Fairview NC. Nick has almost a hundred sheep and markets lamb and eggs at the Asheville Tailgate market among others. I wish I had pictures of the sheep dogs in action but it was rainy and getting dark so you will have to take my word that they were beautiful, intelligent and very well trained.

The sheep are biding their time in the pallet corral until we get the pasture fenced. The corral will be transformed into a pig pen later in the spring and a vegetable garden next year so they are providing some priceless fertilizer also.

We obtained the pallets from an obliging apartment complex under renovation. It was not a dark-of-night operation. There were hundreds and the manager of the complex had placed an add on Craigslist asking for someone to take them away and put them to use.
Free materials kept out of the landfill? Yes, please!


  1. Hi,this is oz from HT.
    Was wondering if you could explain how you built the pallet fencing,I have found a place with pallets 8'-10' long,48" high.

  2. Hi Ruthie,
    Sorry I'm so late in responding. Guess I've been neglecting the blog for a while. We literally just stood the pallets on end and screwed them together where they overlapped. In fact that project was several years ago so I can fill you in on how it weathered. The wood turned a fairly nice grey-blue color and, after three years there was almost no rotten wood. After the first few months it started to lean a places and had to be braced up. This year I took it down because I thought it was looking pretty rough and I never really considered it permanent. If you reinforced it with some posts at the corners and every few pallets along the length, it should last for ages. I really considered painting it on a few occasions but never made the time. Good luck.